Our Personal Wellness Inspirer.

Sharni Quinn is the founder of ‘Follow the Sun’ and has taught yoga for more than 10 years in South Africa, Bali, Sri Lanka and Australia. She is also an InnerLifeSkills® life coach, speaker, author, retreat hostess and corporate wellness facilitator.

More than that however, Sharni is the very reason that we at Satori Africa are so passionate about yoga, meditation and wellness. In fact, our very first yoga class was with Sharni and her ‘Follow the Sun’ Angels. We have since spent many hours on the mat together in some of the most beautiful and inspiring of places.

We are incredibly excited to have Sharni and her team as part of our family, as our very own wellness endorsers, and have them guide you to living a radiant life through yoga, food, life coaching and travel through Africa.

A Little More of Her Journey. 

When hitting rock bottom, Sharni decided to find her ‘light’ again. After embarking on her own personal and transformational journey in 2010 through India, Bali and Australia, Sharni returned to her home in Cape Town and connected once again with her private and corporate yoga clients. Since then, ‘Follow the Sun’ has gone through its own transformation and not only heals and inspires women through yoga but also motivates them to live a balanced and radiant life through Yoga • Food • Life Coaching and Travel. Sharni has developed and created various lifestyle transformation and wellness packages: as well as a corporate wellness program ‘Healthy Habits for a Successful Life’; international ‘Eat, Play, Yoga’ journeys to Bali and Sri Lanka; Yoga & Wine weekends, as well as various workshops and fun out-door ‘Share the Sunshine’ yoga sessions.

Sharni has taught over 3 000 yoga sessions, life coached numerous people searching for meaning and purpose, taken more than 50 of her ‘Tribe’ ladies to Bali over the past 4 years and is passionate about inspiring others to live a life they love. Because of this she has a strong ‘Follow the Sun’ Tribe of dedicated, inspiring and loyal followers.

After embarking on her own personal lifestyle transformation journey, Sharni is passionate about sharing the sunshine with you.

Girl doing yoga

How Can You Follow the Sun. 

Stop, breathe, find your balance… Now is the time to look after you! Choose one of our customized wellness packages and take the time to rejuvenate and nurture yourself and bring health, wholeness and happiness back into your life.

Yoga Private.

Private or small group yoga is offered in the comfort of your room or at an exclusive beautiful outdoor location. For beginners and more advanced practitioners, we have Hatha, Vinyasa and AcroYoga teachers to suit your needs.

Life Coaching.

Shift your life from where it is now to where you want it to be. Our InnerLifeSkills® Coaching Angels use internationally ICF accredited world-class coaching skills, unique ILS processes, cutting edge methods and the right questions. These empower you to look at your life from a different perspective and envisage opportunities that you possibly did not see before. Get some clarity, find direction and live your dreams!

Wellness half-day package (9am-1pm).

This half day package combines yoga and stress management techniques with your choice of a theme-based wellness session, as well as lunch.

Wellness full-day package (9am-5pm).

This full day package combines yoga and stress management techniques with your choice of a theme-based wellness session as well as lunch. After lunch you enjoy a mindful walk, a Spa Treatment, and end with a final yoga nidra and relaxation session.

Follow the Sun with our Yoga Angels.

Follow the Sun with our Yoga Angels.

Some of the themes on offer during your journey include:

My Happy Heart: Create a new story. Believe in a new you. Write your own script and take back your own power. This wellness session includes life coaching tools and inspiration to invite love, abundance and happiness back into your heart.

Back into Balance: Through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, discover your Dosha and what food, exercise and lifestyle choices bring you back into balance. This wellness session will offer life coaching tools and a new perspective on how to live a radiant, happy life and provides you with a unique support system that allows you to find your flow.

My Inner Guru: With powerful life coaching tools, you will learn how to find the solutions within you, how to connect to your inner voice, trust your gut, listen to your intuition and live a life following your own dreams and inner sunshine.

Mindful Living: This wellness session looks at all aspects of mindful living – mindful eating, exercising and sustainable, conscious living – and how you can implement and integrate these lifestyle choices to help you feel light, mindful, more grounded, connected and at peace.

If you would like to rediscover your light, sparkle and radiance again in a fun, gentle and light-hearted way, then contact us now to book your wellness journey throughout Southern Africa with the ‘Follow the Sun’ Tribe.

“Don’t deny your magic…. Follow your dreams, follow your heart and always follow your own sunshine.”