Travel is gradually resuming at its own pace, so if you are planning ahead for when the travel bug bites, Portugal is the country that has something for everybody’s taste. There is an abundance of outdoor activities, colourful city life, historical places, a mixing pot of culture and of course the outstanding wine experiences. It is for these very reasons that Portugal has also become one of the favoured travel destinations in recent times.


It is at this point that you may find yourself asking why is Satori Africa, a leading African safari business, be launching in Portugal? Well the short answer is that this has been a dream for a few years now (along with introducing big cat safaris in Sri Lanka and India). There is a little more to it however.


I spent 5 weeks pre-lockdown doing a full recce across the length and breadth of Portugal and during this time got to truly realize the heavy African influence on Portugal, especially in the way of that unique African energy as well as the cuisine (including a very traumatic realization about Peri Peri – but you will have to ask me more about that one directly!).


Portugal, for travellers from the Americas, UK and Europe, serves as a perfect gateway in to Africa. So much so in fact that within a matter of hours you can find yourself on Africa’s and arguably the planets most exclusive island getaway in Sao Tome & Principe (two island nations with strong historical ties to Portugal). Please be sure to scroll all the way down to the end to find out more out our magical lodges there!


To inspire you and share our personal love for this breath-taking country, we have selected our favourite and extraordinary experiences and curated them in to three itineraries especially for you, perfect for those wanting a taste of Africa without the stress of jumping on a long haul flight right now (although we all know Africa is worth the flight).


Pour a glass of wine and enjoy the read as much as we enjoyed writing this exclusively for the friends of Satori.


Port Tasting in Porto

Lisbon, West & North Experience in Portugal

An 8-day journey that will tick all your boxes and so much more. You will have first class access to the best authentic wineries and wine tastings Portugal has to offer.  A private tour of Lisbon, an exclusive sailboat cruise, a visit to the Castle of Obidos – the Castle of the Queens, and multiple exclusively selected meals and wines for you to enjoy.

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Castle of Óbidos

Lisbon & South Experience in Portugal

This 8-day itinerary welcomes you to Portugal’s second largest wine-producing region. Start your adventure in Lisbon where you will experience rich culture, exclusive foodie tours, an exhilarating sidecar tour followed by a visit to the Alentejo region for a hot air balloon ride overlooking the countryside.

Next stop Algarve, here you will enjoy luxury experiences from private Jeep tours to a VIP luxury yacht cruise. This and more all accompanied by magical wines in each location.

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Douro Valley

Wine Experience in Portugal

This itinerary gives you the opportunity to visit one of the largest wine regions of Portugal, Alentejo, amongst others. Enjoy bespoke luxurious experiences filled with history, private tours, abundant wine tastings, exclusive gastronomic experiences, private river cruises and more.

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São Tomé and Príncipe islands


Do you love white pearly sands and clear blue waters surrounded by untouched greenery?

São Tomé and Príncipe is not a popular touristic destination, which means the islands are pristine. Charming deserted beaches can be found all along the coast fro you to explore.

Visiting Sao Tome and Príncipe is surely an adventure. An intimate island known as the magnificent lost world, offering breath-taking beaches, jungle exploration, snorkeling, birdwatching and so much more. You are guaranteed the time of your life.

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