Driven to create a unique and multisensory Cape Winelands experience, the Wine Painting Wellness Package offers an integrated food, wine, and art experience to visitors of the Cape Winelands.  Here, guests partake of local wines and fresh food as they immerse themselves in a completely novel activity – painting with wine! The therapeutic qualities of this creative process make it an ideal elective for visitors looking to experience the areas offerings in a rich, authentic way as they also look inward toward their own wellness. This highly specialized experience emphasizes the artistic process of wine painting as a calming, meditative activity to be enjoyed on a personal level.


With the concept of art as therapy, the wine painting class will emphasize the importance of process over product as students familiarize themselves with the rich colours of the different cultivars, the stroke of the brush, and the creative process. Students will paint with the same wines that they will sip during the class, and high quality brushes, paper and palettes will also be provided.


Find inspiration in our latest wellness package.

Find inspiration in our latest wellness package.


Featuring wines from the Cape Region, the workshop will allow guests to experience South African wines both on the canvas and in the glass.    Guests will select from a range of the prized wines to enjoy while they paint. Like the wine, food is a complementary element of the workshop intended to comfort guests while they create, not distract them from their process. This allows guests to move freely between the easel, wine glass and plates, at their own pace.



Wine painting is an established art form enjoyed by professional artists and amateur enthusiasts alike.  Stylings and techniques can vary as much as with any other medium.  It is the unique properties of the wine, including its colour, consistency, and chemistry, that make it an extra-ordinary medium for experimentation. In packaging wine art as an accessible, but nonetheless rich and authentic way to experience wine, we are inviting guests of varying interests and backgrounds to take their wine experience to another dimension and tap into the rewards of a creative process.