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Kigali is knowns as Rwanda’s capital stretching across lush hills surrounded by soaring mountains, the largest of which is Mount Kigali, rising 1850 metres above sea level. Kigali is the country’s financial, commercial and cultural hub, served by an international airport and featuring a wide range of accommodation options, restaurants and points of interest, including the Kigali Genocide Centre, an atmospheric market and numerous craft shops. With its interesting architecture, busy streets, meandering boulevards, and green hillsides, Kigali is said to be one of the most attractive cities in Africa and is definitely worth a visit.

Volcanoes National Park

Bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo in Rwanda, the Volcanoes National Park is best known as a sanctuary for the region’s rare mountain gorillas. Visitors flock here to experience a face to face encounter with these intriguing creatures. The park is set high on the jungle-covered slopes of the volcanic Virunga Mountains. While the gorillas are without a doubt the main attraction, visitors can also look forward to exploring a number of scenic hiking trails, visiting the tomb of the world-famous Dian Fossey and the Karisoke Research Centre, and enjoying a beautiful day hike to the crater lake on Mount Bisoke.

Akagera National Park

Bordering Tanzania in Eastern Rwanda, Akagera National Park is central Africa’s largest protected wetland stretching across a vast area of low-lying mountains and savannah plains, the park takes in the rolling highlands woodlands, swamp-fringed lakes, and wetlands of the Kagera River along the way. Crocodiles and hippos relax in the park’s waterholes, predators prowl through its acacia plantations, and elephant, zebra, giraffe, buffalo and other animals roam across its grassy plains. Bursting with a rich biodiversity, the park features a variety of rare species, as well as an abundance of mammals and hundreds of bird species.


  • Everything is almost guaranteed organic!
  • Seasonal eating from the earth
  • Mountain spring water
  • Relaxing nature walks
  • Post trek massages
  • On foot safaris mean a true connection back to self
  • Most famed Gorilla trek in the world
  • Add the chance to see the Golden Monkey
  • Kigali and Volcanoes National Park a short transfer to include Uganda
  • Learn about the countries recent history
  • A great extension to a Kenyan safari

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