Welcome to part 2 of my personal safari journal.

This time around I share with you some wonderful animal sightings but also some personal memories and milestones of mine.

I hope that you enjoy some of the photos and that the stories shared inspire in you the same love of the African bush as I have!





Kruger Birding.

KRUGER NATIONAL PARK, SOUTH AFRICA – 2017… The Biyamiti weir in Southern Kruger is one of my favourite self-drive spots to park off at and enjoy. The weir affords one the chance to get eye-level to the water which makes for some great photography. More so, it affords the patient with some truly phenomenal and special sightings!


Impala Drinking.

KRUGER NATIONAL PARK, SOUTH AFRICA – 2018… As much as I am an amateur photographer I get so excited to play around and try out new shots and ways of capturing them. On this particular day it was late morning and the light was particularly harsh. However it was such a beautiful and still day we decided to hang around and get some reflections of the Impala that were coming down to drink. Seeing this photo brings back such special memories of my favourite Game Reserve. Having first come to Kruger at the age of one years old – it is very possibly thanks to Kruger that I now have this life long passion for safaris and getting in to the bush.


Baboon Hide and Seek.

KRUGER NATIONAL PARK, SOUTH AFRICA – 2016… I could sit and watch baboons and monkeys for hours. In parts of South Africa they are fairly common place and people are so quick to either dismiss them and drive past or see them as a nuisance and thieves! If you are every lucky enough to see a troop of these primates though do yourself a favour and spend some time with them. Soon enough you will be enthralled by their theatrics and drawn in to their personal disputes, forages, tomfoolery and cheek!


The Cape Winelands.

OVERBERG, WESTERN CAPE – 2017…. In September of 2017 I was privileged to host my very first yoga and wellness retreat in the beautiful Overberg region of the Western Cape. Along with my mentor, friend and yoga teacher Will, we hosted 10 guests for 3 nights in the Cape Winelands. During a morning walk, this was one of the views presented to us during our exploration of the stunning farm.


Exploring the Overberg.

OVERBERG, SOUTH AFRICA – 2017… Turning 31 was a high-light! Not only did I get to celebrate my birthday but I also got to celebrate the 1st birthday of Satori Africa with two of my close friends, Piers and Brett (who was also celebrating his birthday). On this particular day we enjoyed a fun and adventurous hike in to the mountains in pursuit of the San paintings hidden away in the caves of the Overberg.


Umfolozi Wilderness Trail.

HLUHLUWE-UMFOLOZI, SOUTH AFRICA – 2016… As a kid I grew up reading all I could about Ian Player, a legendary conservationist and possibly the person most responsible for the saving of rhinos in Africa. One particular area he, and his right hand man Magqubu Ntombela, spent large parts of their time in was the Umfolozi and in particular the wilderness area that they designated. Nowadays guests can enjoy multi-day walks in this part of the reserve with highly passionate and knowledgeable walking guides. To sit where Ian and Magqubu once sat was possibly the biggest safari highlight of my life thus far!


Giraffe Safari.

CAPE WEST COAST, WESTERN CAPE – 2016… In 2016 I was very lucky to be able to take a small roadtrip with my grandmother up the West Coast of South Africa. Although it was mostly tea, crosswords and slow walks on the beach we did manage to get in to the bush a few times and see some of the curious locals!


Lion Cubs at Play.

KHWAI, BOTSWANA – 2018… We spent 3 days in the Khwai Private Reserve and a lot of the time was spent with these 3 cuties! Two years on I would love to know their life story thus far…


Kruger Yoga Safari.

KRUGER NATIONAL PARK, SOUTH AFRICA – 2016… October 2016, the month the ‘go’ button was pushed and Satori Africa was born. What was perhaps even more special for me was that it was launched whilst I was in Kruger with my parents and shortly after completing my yoga teacher training. This photo was taken on that trip by my father!


Karoo Landscapes.

KAROO, WESTERN CAPE – 2018… This trip marked my first true safari in to the Great Karoo with my roadtrip compadre Lance. To many the Great Karoo can look like a lot of desolate nothing, however it is in that essence of nothingness that the true beauty lies. This also included 3 days of pretty much not seeing a single soul. A highlight for us was ‘roughing’ it in Afsaal Cottage in Karoo National Park. The cottage is an old shepherds cottage from a previous century which has now been completed with a water hole, floodlight and viewing deck. Be warned however – it is likely to be all of boiling hot, freezing cold, windy, dusty and dry but oh so wonderful!