What is an Inspirer?

We already have Inspirer’s in over 30 countries and would love you to join the family.  But, you may ask, what exactly is an Inspirer?

At Satori, we are very inspired by building a family around the world who is passionate about what we are. We truly believe that a vacation is not about ticking the boxes, taking the photos and eating when you are hungry. In fact, travelling is not even about the destination, or dare we say it, even the experience, but mostly it is about the people that you meet along the way and the lifelong friends that you make that will make a trip memorable.

This is why we choose properties and suppliers that share this same ethos and culture.

This is why we really want to know you.

This is why we want to try make sure that if you find us, know us or hear about us it is because you believe in what we do.

Whether this be by booking a trip through Satori Africa or recommending us to someone who would love to travel here with us, keep on reading!

How to Become an Inspirer.

Becoming and Inspirer is really very easy:

  • Follow us on our social channels: facebook and instagram
  • Sign up to our monthly newsletter and keep sneaking a peek to see what is new and happening in the world of Satori Africa
  • Most importantly, if and when you ever have or hear of any friends, colleagues, friends of friends, family near and dear, family you need a 2 week break from, a partner, a prospective lover or a noisy neighbour, let them know about Satori Africa and what we do. Put them in touch with us and should they book a trip with us, you get rewarded!

So what is the reward? Well, should you share the love and gift someone with the inspiration to come explore Africa with us, we will give you a percentage finder’s fee from the booking.

Join the Satori Family and become an inspirer today!