During October we welcomed a ‘Friend of Satori’ Jen, from Canada, to share her favourite African experiences with us. We first met Jen about 5 years ago in the Kruger National Park and have stayed in touch ever since, seeing each other every time she adds Cape Town to her journey. For anyone that has possibly experienced the energy and thrill of being on safari, it is little wonder that our friendship continues to grow as being in the bush really is an incredibly special bonding experience.


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Here are her words and her journey below. Enjoy!


I found something so special on my first trip to Southern Africa, that I have been just slightly obsessed with returning ever since.  I have been fortunate enough to travel now three times to Southern Africa and once to East Africa, with further adventures on the horizon.  For me, there is such an amazing combination of epic wildlife, stunning landscapes and wonderful people in each of the places that I have travelled to.

 I take a LOT of photos during my African travels; I hope the ones I have selected to share here will give an insight into some of the things I find so special about an African safari holiday.

Male Lion at Night.

Photo 1 – Male lion at night

My first trip to the bush, I spent every night listening to lions calling through the night, and it is a sound you’ll never forget.  I have been lucky enough to come across lions on several evening game drives, and have spent the time both working on my low light photography, and just watching them as they prepare to set out for the night.

Oryx and Sand Dunes.

Photo 2 – Oryx

Being out on safari is more than just driving around hoping to photograph the big five.  I enjoy looking at the beautiful landscapes, listening for the calls of birds and animals and simply being surrounded by nature.  Here, an afternoon dust storm turns the landscape quite dream-like, while a group of oryx move along.

Okavango Sunset.

Photo 3 – Okavango sunset (reflection)

A stunning Okavango Delta sunset, taken while out on an afternoon boat trip along the channels of the delta.  We stopped for a drink, and I had to be a bit creative to find ways to keep my wine from spilling while I was taking photos!

Black and White Zebra.

Photo 4 – Zebra

The excitement of other people on a game drive vehicle can be contagious, and it makes for such an enjoyable day out.  In many areas, zebras are quite a common sighting, and one that I really enjoy.  But hearing the “WOW” from someone that has never seen one up close before makes it extra special.

Cheetah and Cub.

Photo 5 – Cheetah mom

Wildlife documentaries might make it seem like being out in the bush is all about watching predators hunt and chase down prey, but for me, these tender moments are just as exciting, if not more so.

Baby Elephant.

Photo 6 – Baby ellie

This tiny elephant calf was such a joy to watch!  His family was very relaxed in the presence of the vehicle, and allowed him the freedom to roam and play.  Here, he’s giving the sand a taste test.