We are so excited to be welcoming our first guests in 2017 and to share our passion for Africa with them. We believe that offering a balance between wellness, food, wine and discovery is the perfect way to travel and we really do look forward to sharing this with all of you, as friends of Satori, throughout 2017 and in years to come.

As I sit here writing about 2017 and what this means to us at Satori Africa, and possibly the world of travel at large, the final votes deciding the fate of the United States of America for the next few years hangs in the balance.

Avoiding the essence of politics, I think that 2016, more than any other year, has taught us to try practice tolerance and understanding towards each other. As the world effectively gets smaller with the advent of daily advances in technology, we, as humans have never been so far apart or removed from each other.

It is for this very reason that we believe at Satori Africa that looking after yourself and practicing wellbeing is more pertinent than ever before. Not only in our day to day environment but also too, throughout our journey of life, including, of course, travel. That is exactly the reason for Satori being in business. We believe in achieving the balance of health, beauty and discovery. How can you tick off your big 2017 bucket list items, but in the process come out a happier and healthier person for it?

The days of over-stocked buffet tables, one size fits all experiences and standardized offerings are over. Travellers are looking for experiences. Real experiences. They want to feel the energy, connect with the world and sense the pulse of human existence. Not to say that this cannot be tinged with touch points of opulence and the occasional indulgence, but the way that people are travelling is changing. And for the better.

The world is undoubtedly becoming a slightly crazier place, and besides from practising a little wellbeing love towards ourselves, the healing power of nature is irrefutable and inviting this in to our lives is more important than ever before. And so, if you find yourself with only a few days to spare to recharge and reconnect, we believe more and more people will be and should be welcoming the opportunity to put down their phones and embrace in a digital detox. Whether this be going for a hike, going back to that childhood lodge in the woods or possibly, and hopefully, booking an African bush safari.

We truly believe that 2017 is going to be a year to reconnect with yourself, with your family, and with your loved ones. And we believe that an African journey is the perfect way to do this!

Live in the moment, realize you have reached the stars already and let’s make 2017 and heart-happy and travel filled year!